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I have struggled with acne for the past 20+ years, and been on all kinds of medicines and creams to try and manage it. I was transitioning off of the most recent round of anti-biotics (for my skin) and decided that I wanted to find a better way to manage my skin. I met with Marley, and was impressed by her wealth of information regarding nutrition and skin. She reviewed my current diet with me (which was healthy, but definitely lacking in balance of nutrients), and discussed things i should take out, and things I should add. Its been 2 months since that meeting, and my skin is doing great. I can definitely see what triggers my skin now, and am so thankful that I am managing my skin naturally. I am still on cream from my dermatologist, but no anitbiotics :) I would recommend Marley to anyone who is struggles with skin issues.

Image by FOODISM360


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